Our experienced and professional sales teams, with strong marketing support, give us maximum efficiency and flexibility in meeting customers’ needs, accessing the market, and offering full service to our partners. Agreements with local manufacturers and overseas companies enable Auspharm to bring a large range of high value-added products to the Australasian market.

Auspharm has a three-tiered approach to the market:

First and foremost,

i. Direct sales and detailing: Our dedicated sales force calls on doctors, specialists and pharmacists to provide training and support to the local personnel in addition to making sure that the products get the in-store visibility they deserve.

Followed by
ii. Partnerships: We successfully collaborate with a major pharmaceutical broker in urban and rural areas to call on more than 2.700 pharmacies nationwide.

iii. Exports: Our export department markets our product range in various Australasian countries, such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.